IRPC have 5 depots

     to ready distribution our products to consumer in any regions of Thailand and Oversea, to reduce transportation cost and logistic time for customer benefit.

     With transportation and safety standards as well as environmental care, IRPC is continuously growing up and accepted by customers in both countries and abroad. We continue to move ongoing. To create better products for consumers and do not forget to social awareness that around on us. Today our products are famous on the international especially in Indochina area which through in 4 core business as the following.


     The Company's petroleum fuel products, including liquefied petroleum gas, are sold to petroleum wholesalers, service station, marine vessels, fishing boats, and gas container plants, while gas oil and gasoline base products are sold to article 7 merchants (the major oil traders), all of whom are well known in the market.

     Our client base is a solid one, encompassing every region of Thailand. Our distribution of gasohol 95 and high-revolution B3 and B5 diesel fuel that consumers recognize the high quality standards of IRPC products.

      The division deals with sales to mid-sized and large industrial plants, to construction firms in Metropolitan Bangkok, its suburbs, and other provinces, to basic infrastructure providers such as companies involved in public transport by land and marine operators, and to large, ocean-going cargo vessels. This unit also handles the export of petroleum products, the major market being the Indochina countries of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, together with Myanmar and southern China

     This section sells lube base oil and related products -13 in all- including asphalt, slack wax, and rubber process oil. These are primary products that serve as raw materials in manufacturing products used in our daily lives, such as engine oil, rubber for automobile tires, and candle wax. Most sales are made to industrial plants ranging in size from small to large, both in Thailand and abroad, from Asia and Europe to America. This is yet another confirmation of IRPC product quality, recognized by leading corporations world-wide.

     This division is responsible for the sale of aromatic products and solvents to make customer satisfaction before and after sale product and service that conform to ISO 9001 version 2000 which is a standard of management system. There are distribution channel in industrial and small to large size plant. The high quality and standards of IRPC aromatic products are acknowledged in markets around the world, and are distributed both domestically and abroad in such Asia countries as China, Korea, India, and South-East Asia, as well as expand market to the next regional in continuously.