The petroleum products of the company are classified into 3 product groups:

1. Petroleum Fuel Products.

2. Lube Base Oil and Related Products.

3. Aromatic Products.

  1. Wholesale Petroleum Business Division.
  2. Industrial and Export Petroleum Business Division.
  3. Lube Base Oil and Related Products Business Division.
  4. Aromatics Business Division.
  5. Service Station
     Qualified orders with the most advanced. IRPC is the first business of the petroleum in the region through PDA on Mobile systems
     IRPC Public Company Limited IRPC Public Company Limited is an Integrated Petrochemical Industry Operator. Our refining and business of Petrochemical capacity is 215,000 barrel per day, representing 18% of Thailand's total oil refining capacity. IRPC's plant is located in Rayong - outside pollution control zone. We realize to environment care in production process that's one of many ways to share development for social care responsibility.Our project plan to change fill oil to new energy by using natural gas that cleaning and environmental friendly - it is one of IRPC projects that's the biggest in Thailand to decrease carbon dioxide before release to ozone.1

     Moreover, we are major manufacturer that serve green oil to fishery merchant- green oil is a heart of fishery merchant and accordance with government policy. The most of oils are distributed to community service station such as agricultural and fishery cooperatives, small and large industry users etc. Not surprising- you are not seeing IRPC's Brand in common places except Rayong (Our home). Our service station is the 1st community service station prototype - focus on spreading income and make benefit to Rayong people, emphasize to develop local product on behalf of OTOP, and cooperate with Government policy to encourage the social community surrounding distribute their products through service station. We have been running this business since November 4, 2009 - that is a couple policies with green environment, and conservation of energy, including to promote energy replacement as well - such as Ethanol and Biodiesel.