• Diesel fuel
  • Gasoline
  • LPG


  • Base oil product consist of 4 grades.
  • Aromatic extract product consist of 6 grades
  • Industrial wax product consist of 3 grades
  • Asphalt Products consist of 4 grades


  • Products in this group there were seven types.   Toluene, Mixed Xylene, Xylene, C 9,C 10+, WS3040, WS 3060  AC80/100, AC40/60, AC60/70 และ AC75/95   IRON (IRPC Oil On Net)

Safety data sheets for chemicals or SDS (Safety Data Sheet) to document specific information about the hazards of chemicals toxic to the storage, transportation, disposal and other management. The action of the substance is to correctly and safely.

      This group consists of gasoline and alternative fuel such as High Speed Diesel ( With Bio Diesel ) and Gasohol. These 3 products from IRPC also Contain additives to help clean up and boost performance of the engine. In addition to that these IRPC products also pass Euro 4 standad with their ability to reduce exhausted air pollution and become more environmental friendly.


      This group, derived from the production of lube base oil, and resulting in lube base oil of various grades and by-products, can be broken down into 20 varieties of 5 types, namely lube base oil, aromatic extracts, industrial waxes, and asphalt products.



      This group is manufactured to support various basic industries, using in our everyday life ; such as painting and pesticide in solvent industries. PET bottle in polyester  industries, polyester fabric for cloths in fabric industries, and as an ingredient in fuels to enhance their octane number in oil and energy industries.