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     Community looks as social wheel that originate communication and creation, to be a center of everything surrounding. We see in this point, then settle Service station to serve needs of people who stay nearby place. IRPC hope to be a part of social that can make people to close and more, as well as to expand our service covering to the East and North-East of Thailand

     IRPC service station operated by IRPC Oil Company Limited that is subordinate of IRPC Public Company, address 191/9 Moo 5 Sukumvit Road, Choengnoen District ,Mueang Rayong , Rayong. The station propose new image that has oil stream controlling system and integrated convenience store.

  • High quality oil fuel from IRPC refining plant, have 32 oil dispensers
  • Convenience store under brand 7-ELEVEN
  • AMAZON coffee shop
  • Srisawad Shop & Service 
  • OTOP shop
  • Transformation engine oil and washing car center
  • Various ATM bank e.g. SCB , BAY and KTB
  • Clean toilet (standard level)
  • Security system (CCTV available around station
  • Learning Center community. Throughout the network of learning centers, community activities to various forms of social and environmental benefits to local communities and youth throughout the province of Rayong. It includes activities that promote a healthy body and mind. Social, intellectual and creative. Singapore economy in the community. Consistent with the intent to establish community learning centers by IRPC Public Company Limited, which has a monthly basis.